Thursday, 14 October 2010

What the twitterverse thinks of 100th Object

One twitterer last night suggested the Chile rescue capsule be included as a last-minute entry on the short list for the 100th Object. But at 7.45am the solar-powered lamp was announced as the winner. The reaction in the twitterverse was largely positive. Some twitterers were "inexplicably annoyed" that it wasn't the mobile phone. But the mobile has been included in the British Museum display. And as Anne points out

All the great things you can do with a mobile phone don't work unless you have a power supply to charge the battery, and solar can provide that power anywhere.

Here are some of the reactions. For non-twitterers, AHOW stands for A History of the World.

@dmh10 Excellent choice - the solar powered lamp is that 100th item in #AHOW

@maccalarena Ok, phew - it's the solar powered lamp. And a mobile phone. #AHOW

@nigelcsmith First time I've heard a round of applause for a lamp #ahow

@bridgetmck @britishmuseum Thanks for choosing a solar object as the 100th #AHOW Hope BBC knows we're hungry for them to cover climate solutions #cach

@nikstanbridge I have one of these! RT @BBCRadio4: Unveiled @R4Today, the 100th #AHOW object: a solar-powered charger

@SamCrome The #AHOW British Museum 100th object is solar-powered lamp! Very pleased with this; fitting end to a fantastic series

@MattPByrne So the100th #ahow object is a solar-powered lamp representing global environmental sustainability - good choice I think

@Michael1952 The 100th object in History of the World in 100 Objects unveiled I totally agree choice is 100% on the money ! #ahow

@Richardpagett RT @BBCRadio4: Solar panels like the #AHOW 100th object will power access to knowledge for the world's poorest

and - a view shared by this office today -

@ascorbic I think A History of the World in 100 Objects might just be the greatest radio show of the millennium. #100objects #AHOW

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