Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Didcot pilots an energy source closer to home

The Oxfordshire town of Didcot is well-known for its collection of steam engines and its power stations. Its cooling towers (left) can be seen for many miles. Now Didcot is in the news as the location for a new energy project that couldn't be closer to home: it's a biogas project. The Guardian reports: human waste turned into renewable gas to power homes

Centrica is opening a plant at Didcot sewage works which will be the first in the UK to produce renewable gas for households to use.

National Grid believes that at least 15% of all gas consumed could be made from sewage slurry, old sandwiches and other food thrown away by supermarkets, as well as organic waste created by businesses such as breweries.

Telegraph reports 'human waste is being turned into renewable gas and used to power homes for the first time'.
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