Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day | Ram pumps provide fresh water for 50,000 people

AID Foundation: 2007 Ashden Award winner
When you live on steep hillside it is tough to access clean water. Long climbs up from the valleys mean that water use is limited to cooking and drinking with little left over for crops. The Alternative Indigenous Development (AID) Foundation, however, has changed that for communities in Negros in the Philippines. The ram pumps that AID Foundation installs use the power of the water flowing in the spring, stream or river to lift a small fraction of the water up to the villages where it is needed. More crops now grow and the villagers are healthier due to better hygiene – all without the use of fossil fuels. 170 ram pumps have now been installed in 151 villages, bringing fresh water to 50,000 people. AIDFI won an Ashden Award in 2007 and this year a finalist for BBC World Challenge.

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