Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ofgem says electricity traffic will double

The Daily Telegraph reports that the watchdog Ofgem says replacing aged pipelines and re-wiring its networks will cost £32 billion.

There are two challenges here: one is preparing for the predicted doubling in electricity traffic; the other is making the energy industry greener. It is estimated that customer bills will rise by an average of £6 per year. Mike Pepler, our UK Awards manager, says,

While extra costs are sure to be unwelcome during difficult economic times, the costs of not improving the country’s gas and electricity networks could be even higher. If action is not taken to allow greater use of renewable energy and better management of energy demand, then the security of supply for the UK will be threatened.

Below the Telegraph article, one of the paper's readers comments:

Wait a minute here ... Electricity demand will double yet we will all be using less.

The next reader explains:

More PCs, iPods&Pads, widescreen TVs, electric cars, etc. etc.

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