Friday, 8 October 2010

China winning race for green jobs

SolveClimate reports that China's green jobs from solar and other cleantech industries are growing faster than the US and other countries. The Clean Edge annual report says the Chinese government spent $34.6 billion last year to propel its low-carbon economy, more than any other nation and almost double what the U.S. invested.

More on China: as latest round of UN climate talks takes place in Tianjin, China, includes films of our winners as part of their webcast from the conference.

The Ashden Awards has four winners in China: the Shaanxi Mothers for domestic biogas and lighting; DAXU for stoves designed to burn crop waste; REDP for bringing affordable high-quality solar lighting to rural China; and Aprovecho Research Center and Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer for mass-producing affordable, efficient stoves.

We welcome applicants from China for 2011. As we've tweeted

领先世界的绿色能源奖邀请您申请2011年度的奖项! #China #绿 #能 #奖

Pic: DAXU employee at work making stoves that burn crop waste

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