Thursday, 21 October 2010

After today's 99th object, one more to go

The 96th object in A History of the World in a 100 Objects was a Russian Revolutionary plate. The 97th object was a David Hockney print showing two men in bed. The 98th object was the Throne of Weapons made out of guns. The 99th object was a credit card.

Tomorrow at 9.45am, and then again at 7.45pm, the British Museum's director Neil MacGregor will discuss the 100th object, the solar-powered lantern, and the future of renewable, non-polluting energy that has the potential to liberate the developing world.

On this blog tomorrow, we will have comments about the broadcast from Ashden Awards' founder director, Sarah Butler-Sloss, senior adviser Anne Wheldon, and other members of the Ashden team. We'll also round-up what others are saying on blogs and tweets about the 100th Object.

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