Monday, 4 October 2010

New website reports on how the arts in the UK are going green

The website Sustainable Ability is a new arts project that aims:

to help drive forward transformative responses to resource scarcity and climate change from individuals and organisations working in the arts.

It is intended as another point of connection in the growing network of support designed to help the UK’s cultural and creative sector.

Sustainable Ability has just launched a report by Hilary Jennings and Lucy Neal on the cultural sector's response to climate change, along with a Google map of activities, the findings of a survey, and a useful list of additional resources.

For organisations and websites in the UK working in this field, see also: Julie's Bicycle, Tipping Point, Cape Farewell, Arcola, Do The Green Thing and - closer to home - Ashdenizen. See also what the National Theatre is doing to reduce its energy consumption.

Arts institutions should note that the Ashden Awards 2011 welcomes applications from the public sector: from fire stations, hospitals and colleges to theatres, galleries and museums.

Pic: Lyttelton Flytower by Ackroyd and Harvey

Update: Science foundation provides $700,000 to theatre company for climate change play

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