Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Six days to go for international awards deadline

A big thanks to the websites and tweeters who have spread our call for entries for the 2011 Ashden Awards. We now have less than a week left for international entries (deadline 19th October) and less than two weeks for UK entries (deadline 26th October). For UK entries, click here. For international entries, click here.

For the UK awards, thanks to (among others) Transition Network, IFV News,, Sustainability West Midlands, Keep Wales Tidy, Education Executive and Energy Saving Trust. For the international awards, thanks to (among others) REEEP, GVEP, SEED International, International Union for Conservation of Nature, PCIA,, Renewable Energy Focus, News from Africa and on Twitter thanks to (among others) @CleanEnergyOrg, @REfocusmag, @Stevebenvirotec, @NEW_FRONTIERS, @GreenFutures, @WelHatCouncil, @vphase, @LifeSizeMedia, @EnergySvgTrust, @paulbrichardson, @richgreenhouse, @GroundworkLON, @groundworkuk, @simonredding, @centre_alt_tech, @LBSecoschools, @ArchitypeUK, @NEW_FRONTIERS, @LearnFromNature, @kimtrapese, @groundworkuk, @ogunte, @wpartnerships and @Lovechaweng.

Thanks also to those who have spread the word through mail-outs and e-bulletins.

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