Thursday, 2 September 2010

A trip to the Isle of Eigg

A weir on the island is used to generate hydro-elecricity

In February this year, our UK Awards Manager, Mike Pepler visited the Isle of Eigg, off the North West of Scotland, to assess the island as an applicant for the Ashden Awards. Five months later the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust won the overall UK Gold Award prize for its outstanding achievement "in cutting energy consumption and devising a unique electricity capping system, dramatically reducing household carbon emissions by nearly 50 percent".

Mike has now posted some wonderful photos from his trip in February on his own blog. There are dozens of photos, so he's divided them into three posts. The first deals with the trip to the Isle of Eigg. The second captures some of the magnificent scenery on and around the island. The third shows how the islanders are generating renewable energy, cutting energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions. Well worth a look.

More on previous Ashden award winners can be found on our website and a film on the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust can be downloaded here.

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