Thursday, 23 September 2010

SNV joins clean cookstoves alliance as founding partner

One of the Ashden Awards 2010 winners has joined the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves as a founding partner. PR Newswire reports

SNV pledges to contribute $250,000, as well as provide its extensive expertise in renewable energy, to help the Alliance meet its goal of deploying 100 million cookstoves by 2020.

Dirk Elsen, SNV Chief Executive, says,

The environment, renewable energy, and improved welfare of women and children are clearly defined SNV strategic concerns and each of our projects around the world is undertaken with them in consideration.

Watch SNV video.

Follow the coverage on Hillary Clinton's $50m for clean cookstoves
("This could be as transformative as bednets or even vaccines.")

See: Ashden Awards report Stoking up a cookstove revolution and Ashden award-winning stove projects: TWP/AHDESA, GERES Cambodia and Aprovecho/SSM.

See also: the Guardian's Madeleine Bunting on Clinton and cookstoves.

Update: Center for American Progress has this detailed summary: United States Joins Alliance to Promote Clean Cooking in Developing Countries (HT: ClimateProgress)

Pic: SNV's biogas project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam, turns pig waste into cooking gas and fertiliser for crops

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