Monday, 27 September 2010

Mrs Chevy Chase launches eco-schools programme in US

One of the bright ideas launched at last week's Clinton Global Initiative - along, of course, with Hillary's $50 million for clean cookstoves - was the Energy Efficient Schools Initiative. The plan, reports the New York Times, is:

to install super-efficient windows, digital environmental sensors and smart thermostats in 500 schools by 2012, involving students and teachers in the effort.

The first school districts that are participating will be on Long Island and in New York City. One of the lead organisers, Jayni Chase (pic), wife of US comedian Chevy Chase, and a longtime promoter of eco-education, says:

We involve the kids in modelling all the energy that's being used in the schools and how we fix it and how we make it better.

Let's hope the schools in Long Island and New York City make contact with some of the UK schools that have been Ashden Award winners. The teachers and pupils on the East Coast can always check out the activities page. Or watch the five-minute films. Or get some ideas for taking action.

The 10 Ashden award-winning schools are: St Columb Minor School, Okehampton College, Currie Community High School, Ashley Primary School, Sandhills Primary School, Ringmer Community College, Seaton Primary School, Woodheys Primary School, Eastchurch Primary School and Cassop Primary School.

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