Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dulas brings Endurance wind turbines to the UK

On the back of the first successful installation, Ashden award-winner leading renewables firm Dulas is pleased to announce its appointment as a national distributor for Endurance wind turbines.
(Photo credit: Dulas Ltd)

The company was among a small number selected for their dedication to the renewable energy industry and their specific capabilities and experience in the wind turbine market.

Endurance Wind Power is a manufacturer of advanced wind turbines designed specifically for distributed wind power applications. Ian Draisey, Director at Dulas said of the announcement, “Dulas is thrilled to have been selected as a distributor for Endurance turbines and knows that there is a buoyant market for this product as a result of the feed in tariff for microgeneration. Until recently the best financial returns were limited to the largest wind farm developments. Now the new feed-in tariff (FIT) guarantees high rates of return on generation from medium scale wind turbines like the Endurance 50kW product making it an ideal application for those prepared to invest in microgeneration”.

Dulas has a highly experienced wind team with over 20 years’ knowledge of turbine siting, wind measurement and planning to medium scale wind. The company has a proven track record of over 350MW of consented applications for a wide range of clients.

For more information on renewable energy consultancy, planning and installations please visit www.dulas.org.uk, for more about Ashden Award winners please visit www.ashdenawards.org.

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