Monday, 6 September 2010

Term starts for St Columb's with International Visitors

Ashden award-winner St Columb Minor School is starting off the academic year with a great opportunity to share its experiences and expertise. Tomorrow 12 international visitors from Poland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria and Turkey will be visiting the school.
The focus for the visit is to find out how to use the environment to inspire learning. The visit has been organised by Carnyorth Environmental Education Centre. They have chosen St Columb following the school's recognition as an Eco-School, for achieving the Green Flag, and as an Ashden award-winner.

The school's Business Manager Gill Harper says the visit by head teachers, teachers and education consultants to Cornwall is to learn how to use the Eco–schools programme and the international primary curriculum to teach sustainability throughout the school.

"We will explain how gaining International Schools Award and the Ashden Award has impacted on the wider community. The visit will provide a unique opportunity to share experience, skills, expertise and explore best practice across Europe."

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