Thursday, 11 November 2010

This evening's live webinar on campaigning and climate change

5pm-6pm: This blog is listening to the webinar about campaigning and climate change (5pm, London time). The first speaker "Pre-COP Communicating Climate Change" is Lorraine Whitmarsh (left), lecturer in Environmental Psychology. Whitmarsh says:

"The public is going to be asked to change energy use in profound ways."

"The evidence suggests that public engagement with climate change is pretty limited."

The next speaker Chris Rose, communications consultant and author of How To Win Campaigns contrasts reflexive and reflective thinking, and maps out society in terms of prospectors, settlers and pioneers. Rose says:

"Nearly all the calls for climate action have come from one bit of the map."

His advice? "Start from where people are - don't try to change minds by changing values."

"If you start by thinking you want to win an argument, it's almost always the worst way."

(Slides and recording of this Earthcast available 10am tomorrow.)

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