Friday, 19 November 2010

D.light's solar lighting changes 2 million lives

D.light design, our 2010 International Gold Award winners, announced this week that its solar-powered lighting products has impacted on two million lives. The two million milestone was reached only eight months after the one million milestone. Since the launch of their product line in 2008, the social enterprise has sold solar lanterns to off-grid households in more than 40 countries.

The impact is impressive: d.light customers are saving $60 million over the lifetime of the products while increased productivity from access to better lighting puts another $65 million into the pockets of poor rural families. Furthermore, d.light lamps are reducing carbon emissions by 82,600 tonnes.

President Ned Tozun says:

“Our goal remains to replace every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light. D.light will continue to push boundaries in affordability and effective distribution to reach every single household that does not have access to reliable electricity.”

The company’s goal is to impact 100 million lives by the end of 2020.

(Pic: D.light solar lamp owners in Tanzania)

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