Friday, 1 August 2008

Additional photos from Kisangani Smith Group

Kisangani Smith Group (KSG) from Njombe, Tanzania, won an Ashden Award in 2008. Information on their Award-winning work with domestic stoves burning waste sawdust and agricultural residues can be found on the Ashden Awards website, along with the official media photos. However, we also have some additional photos that may be of interest, so here they are. (You can click on each image to see a larger version)

Some of the trees planted by KSG in the area:
One of the huge piles of waste sawdust, which prompted KSG to develop a stove to use the sawdust as fuel:
The KSG workshop:
Inside the workshop, steel is marked out ready for cutting:
and the smiths work hard to produce the stoves:
Training starts at an early age!
The stoves are produced quickly and efficiently:
The procedure for using the stoves is simple. With a wooden pole down the centre, the stove is filled with sawdust:
A specially made tool fits around the wooden pole and compresses the sawdust:
The stove can then be lit through the air vent at the base:
Once lit, it will burn for several hours:
Allowing the owner to cook without worrying about refuelling:

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