Friday, 29 August 2008

Arun District Council rewarded with £15,000 for energy saving efforts

Arun’s Chairman accepted a cheque for £15,000 at a Full Council meeting after the Council finished runners up in the world’s leading green energy awards.

The Council was awarded the prize money for finishing second in the Local Authority category of the prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy back in June.

Councillor Ashvin Patel and Deputy Head of Environmental Health Roger Wood accepted the prize money, presented by Simon Brammer on behalf of the Ashden Awards, which will be used to expand the Council’s energy efficiency programme.
Cllr Patel said: “I am delighted to accept this cheque on behalf of the Council and its Environmental Health department in recognition of their achievements in energy saving.

“To be recognised as one of the leading authorities in the country when it comes to sustainable energy is an incredible achievement and one that deserves commending.

“I know that this money will be put to great use, improving our energy efficiency programme even further and ensuring that Arun continues to promote sustainable energy amongst its residents.”

Some of the prize money will be used to further promote the excellent services the Council already offers, while the rest will go towards developing a Renewable Energy Support Service.

This will offer information about the provision of sustainable energy for homes and businesses, in particular the use of solar energy and ground source heat pumps, a system that transfers heat from the ground into a building to heat the open spaces.

Councillor Paul Dendle, Cabinet Member for Central Services, said: “As a local authority we are under enormous pressure to tackle climate change while continuing to meet the needs of the community. This award shows what can be achieved with limited resources, thanks to the hard work of Council staff and our partner organisations and the willingness of our residents to make their properties more energy efficient.”

Roger Wood, Deputy Head of Environmental Health, added: “As the cost of fuel continues to soar, fuel poverty is going to be a growing issue. We already have an excellent system in place to bring affordable and sustainable energy efficiency to our residents, but the prize money will allow us to develop this service to the benefit of everyone who lives and works in the District.”

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