Saturday, 18 October 2008

RESET birthday

A new organisation called RESET working on renewable energy, shelter and environment training ( has just celebrated its first birthday. Ben Dixon from the Ashden Awards business support programme went along to speak and offer support for with the important work they’re planning. He gave the “good news” on some of the inspiring solutions provided by our winners scaling up sustainable energy with biogas, well designed clean stoves and solar home systems. We’ll be working together with partners like RESET to bring these solutions to a bigger audience and encouraging more to follow their path.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ben, Juliet and all at Ashden - looking forward to continued co-operation and work, particularly at the forthcoming Shelter Meeting in Brussels and the exhibition of renewable technologies to the humanitarian organisations.

Thanks for your encouragement and for all the work that you do promoting sustainable communities around the world who do so much to support sustainable development in its truest sense.

Blanche Cameron
Traning Director