Tuesday, 5 January 2010


AfricaConnect is a newly established charity with the specific aim to make:

2010: The Year of Electrifying Africa

AfricaConnect seeks to raise awareness of the immediate need to dramatically increase the availability of energy and electricity throughout Africa. AfricaConnect aims to facilitate progress through discussion and projects, to implement the electrification of Africa.

AfricaConnect’s campaign is structured with a 4 step plan:

  1. Establish a publicity and awareness raising campaign - to demonstrate the connection between improved access to electricity and poverty alleviation. Advertisements will show just how important, access to energy is for Africa's development.
  2. Produce the Africa Energy Summit - to unite leaders in the international energy community, politicians and community representatives to make a sustained commitment to drive forward programmes of electrification in Africa.
  3. Organise the Electric Africa concert to celebrate Africa's music and art.
  4. Develop the Electric Africa Database - a database of power projects, to document all existing, planned and required electrification projects.
Help to power Africa into a new light. Support AfricaConnect and make 2010: The Year of Electrifying Africa. To find out more please visit the website: www.africa-connect.org

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