Monday, 2 February 2009

Getting your message out with social media

The Big Green Challenge has just started writing a series of blog posts on how to use social media to get your message out to the world.

Vicki Costello introduces the series:

The web today can offer enormous possibility for supporting citizen-led action on social and environmental issues. From sites such as freecycle and liftshare, which provide a service to help people create specific change, to groups of people getting together through networking sites such Facebook to campaign on a particular issue.

Over the next 6-8 weeks, Headshift’s Robin Hamman will guest blog for Big Green Challenge to help tell you how. He’ll be talking about how to make the most of blogs, photos, maps, video and groups; tying it all together and keeping it going.

Robin has been working with the Big Green Challenge Finalists to help them make the most of social media, and we want to share some this training, through the Big Green Challenge blog, to help many more community-led projects benefit from online social media tools.

You can read the full introduction here.

The first post of the series is here, and future posts will appear on the Big Green Challenge blog.

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