Monday, 22 December 2008

Solarcentury at Poznan

Solarcentury, who won an Ashden Award in 2007, joined with other solar companies and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at Poznan to encourage rapid expansion of the use of solar PV technology to combat climate change, as reported by Your Renewables News.

Their proposal included:

  • Stringent, ambitious, international and national carbon regulation policies
  • Enforceable renewables mandates with a solar carve out or credit multiplier for solar energy
  • Near-term incentives that could include feed-in tariffs, partial rebates, tax credits and/or property-based loans
  • Favorable net metering, interconnection, permitting and land-use policies.
Jeremy Leggett, Executive Chairman of Solarcentury, said: "As a European leader in building-integrated solar, Solarcentury expects to see buildings routinely becoming power plants in the years ahead, generating all their own electricity and heating needs in situ, and often more than they need, making them net exporters of energy. With the right partners in the construction industry, we can put up zero-emissions buildings in a matter of weeks: not the years that conventional power plants require. We are seeing some excellent progress with European support, particularly with the incentive of strong feed-in tariffs, but we need very much more."

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