Thursday, 2 July 2009

Vacancy with Just Energy

a not-for-profit social enterprise working with low-income communities

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Location: South Africa
Salary: circa £42,000 net (c. £60,000 gross) depending on experience
Reports to: Just Energy Board Chair

Just Energy is a not-for-profit social enterprise that works with low-income communities to maximise community revenues from medium sized renewable energy businesses. Just Energy was founded and launched as an independent business by Oxfam GB and draws on the technical and financial collaboration of a diverse range of private sector, NGO and academic partners.

As energy prices rise and technology costs fall, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly viable option for meeting the rapidly rising energy demands in developing countries. These changes in energy markets provide an income generating, skills development and job creation opportunity for low-income communities if they can overcome a range of technical and financial barriers to their involvement.

Just Energy will jointly develop renewable energy projects with communities, helping to overcome these barriers by:

  • Providing risk capital for feasibility studies and project development.
  • Providing capacity building services and technical expertise to support project development.
  • Managing an investment fund (in partnership with an established fund manager) to directly invest in community based renewable energy projects on behalf of a range of investors.
  • Facilitating equitable partnerships between communities and private sector organisations and investors.
Just Energy projects will also increase the supply of clean energy for local and national consumption and will provide an investment opportunity in projects that have good social and financial returns. Just Energy renewable energy projects will range in size from approximately 25 - 80 MW and will generate income through sale of electricity to the local grid. They will initially focus on harnessing wind energy, and will expand to include other technologies such as solar and bio-mass as markets and technologies develop.

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