Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vacancy at CAT

The Centre for Alternative Technology has a vacancy for a renewable energy consultant. Here are the details:

Job title: Renewable Energy Consultant
Salary: £17,485 per annum
Hours: 40 hours over 5 days. Flexible working required. Including some weekends and evenings.
Status: This is a permanent post subject to satisfactory completion of a six month probationary period.

CAT has developed its consultancy services over a number of years as part of its aim to ‘inspire, inform and enable’ people to live more sustainably.

The postholder will assist in the administration and provision of a high level of expertise and professional service, and in the development of the consultancy services over the coming years. The post holder will also help CAT keep at the forefront of sustainable technologies, and ensure best practice for CAT’s existing and future projects.

CAT Consultancy offers advice in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable building, water treatment, sewage treatment and eco-centre design. We also offer advice on wider issues of sustainability. Environmental consultancy is a growth area, and as such, we are looking for someone to develop the Consultancy Department and expand its role within CAT. The majority of consultancy commissions require input from other CAT departments and specialists or sub-contracted consultants. Liaison with other departments and external consultants is therefore an important part of the job.

In general, as departments at CAT are largely self-managing, we expect the successful candidate to be capable of a high degree of self-motivation, to be at ease in a co-operative working situation, and to enjoy and be capable of working and learning within a multi-disciplinary organisation.

The person appointed will look for business opportunities to expand CAT’s consultancy service, liaising between our specialist departments and clients to ensure consultancy projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Consultancy Duties (approximately 4.5 days a week)

  • Delivering consultancy services, advising on renewable energy and energy efficiency including giving presentations and writing reports. Working with other CAT staff and subcontractors in delivering consultancy, ensuring that energy and energy efficiency advice is technically correct and of a high standard.
  • Giving guided tours to specialist groups
  • Marketing and developing the business of the Consultancy Department to maximise profitability with the assistance of the consultancy administration assistant
  • Providing project management of consultancy work as required
  • Preparing quotations including the scoping of work and tracking of project budgets with the assistance of the consultancy administration assistant
  • Selecting, managing and liaising with external consultants.
  • Managing the Consultancy Department budget
  • Overseeing the invoicing of consultancy work with the assistance of the consultancy administration assistant
  • Proof-reading and editing of consultancy reports for submission to clients with the assistance of the consultancy administration assistant
  • Ensuring that a high standard of service is maintained
  • Maintaining and improving own knowledge base - keeping up-to-date with developments in the environmental field, new technologies and the work of CAT
  • Attending events relevant to raising CAT’s consultancy profile and networking with potential clients
  • Co-ordinating regular meetings with CAT consultants
  • Providing regular reports regarding consultancy to CAT’s management group
  • Taking responsibility for own health and safety and following all H&S procedures in place.

Other (approximately 0.5 day a week)
  • Writing material for CAT Charity publications department.
  • Speaking at conferences and other external events. Representing CAT at events.
  • Advising other departments on energy issues. Assisting CAT Charity's Information Department and CAT plc's Media Department with enquiries.
Co-operative Duties
  • To attend a minimum of 6 monthly staff meetings per year (or such other number as may be agreed with the Management Group).
  • To consider issues presented to the staff body and be involved in the consensus decision-making process regarding such issues.
  • To input to policy development when policies are proposed by the Directions Team
  • To input to the strategy process when requested by the Directions Team.
  • To comply all CAT’s policies and processes as they are amended from time to time. To read and act upon policies and processes as they are approved.
  • To be responsible for own health and safety plus that of others as defined in the job description. To report to the Health and Safety Committee any matters of concern regarding health and safety.
Budget Heads and Department Co-ordinators
  • To provide reports and information to management and monitoring groups by the dates set by those groups. In particular, to provide financial, progress and environmental performance information.
  • To effectively delegate responsibilities to those in their team.
  • To meet with their team at least monthly to discuss team and individual issues, noting, publishing and following up on actions.
Person specification
We are looking for someone with the following attributes:

  • Experience in design and implementation of renewable energy systems and of developing energy policies
  • Experience of writing reports, speaking publicly and giving presentations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer literate
  • Ability to prioritise workload
  • Knowledge of relevant health and safety legislation
  • Commitment to the aims of CAT and an interest in sustainability
  • Experience in business development and demonstrable marketing skills
  • Good management and administrative skills
  • Proven project management ability and negotiation skills
  • Experience of managing revenue budgets
  • Tidy and presentable appearance
  • Ability to manage and supervise other staff and contractors
  • Experience of writing material intended for publication.
  • Experience of working co-operatively
  • Full, clean driving licence.
  • Knowledge of the legal aspects of tendering and contracts
  • Welsh speaker
Closing date for applications is 17th July 2009

To apply, or for more information contact Donna Robinson, Human Resources Assistant:
016540 705955

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