Friday, 24 July 2009

Small is... Festival!

Small is...economic?
Can the current crisis in the world economy be steered towards a new “economics as if people mattered” and what would this mean? Does an emphasis on local production and resilience mean that Small is Beautiful opposes international trade and growth?

Small is...appropriate?
Can small, simple and non-violent technologies really deliver the products and services people need including food, energy and water? When is small better than big in empowering people, promoting human rights and preserving cultural and spiritual values?

Small is...political?
How can a few people and simple technologies influence political change towards a more just world? Could the international community’s current awareness of climate change create a renewed impetus for the philosophy of Small is Beautiful and what can be done?

Small is...personal?
How is personal philosophy linked to the practice of development and is tenderness at the heart of facilitation? How can you have fun though care about poverty and the state of the planet?

All these issues will be explored at the Engineers Without Borders UK "Small is... Festival!" on 5th and 6th September 2009. There will be camping facilities, locally source food, demonstrations, debates, practical exercises, stalls bands and films! To find out more and register, visit the festival page on the EWB-UK site.

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