Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Video of Ashden Awards Imperial College seminar 2008

On 18 June 2008 the Ashden Awards and Imperial College held a seminar where the 2008 Awards finalists presented their work. The video of the event is now available to view online, as shown below. If you would like to view the slides separately, PDF files can be downloaded here.
Welcome and introduction to the day:
- Professor Sir Peter Knight, Principal of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College

Session 1: Stoves for cooking and industry
Chair: Dr Keith Pullen, Reader at City University and founder of Developing Technologies.

  • Reuben Mtitu and John Mtitu (Kisangani Smith Group, Tanzania), Blacksmiths develop wood-saving stoves
  • Milkyas Debebe (Gaia Association, Ethiopia), Clean, safe ethanol stoves for refugee homes
  • Svati Bhogle (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour, India), Wood-saving stoves for small businesses in South India
  • Questions

Session 2: Sustainable energy building local enterprise
Chair: Dr Keith Pullen, Reader at City University and founder of Developing Technologies.
  • João Alderi do Prado (Cooperativa Regional de Eletrificação Rural do Alto Uruguai Ltda, Brazil), Cooperative uses mini hydro to increase electricity supply on local grid
  • Angello Ndyaguma (Fruits of the Nile, Uganda), Solar drying business links rural farmers with export markets
  • Questions

Session 3: Solar PV and beyond
Chair: Dr Jeremy Woods, Lecturer in Bioenergy, Imperial College
  • NK Joshi (Aryavart Gramin bank, India), Bank helps customers to buy solar home systems
  • Luo Xinlian and Wang Wei (Renewable Energy Development Programme, China), Building the solar PV industry in China
  • Dipal Barua (Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh), Rapidly growing solar installer provides clean cooking as well
  • Questions

Session 4: Local authorities and schools
Chair: Dr Anne Wheldon, Technical Director, the Ashden Awards
  • Roger Wood (Arun District Council, West Sussex), District council brings energy efficiency throughout its operations
  • Alan Jones (Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire), Continually improving efficiency in a large housing stock
  • Questions
  • Stephen Green, Kathy Stonier and pupils (Ringmer Community College, East Sussex), Secondary pupil-led commitment to managing energy
  • Emma Lacey, Joe Johnson and pupils (Sandhills Primary School, Oxford), Sustainable energy throughout the culture and curriculum of a primary school
  • Questions

Session 5: Businesses and charities
Chair: Dr Anne Wheldon, Technical Director, the Ashden Awards
  • Richard Freeborn (Kensa, Cornwall), Design and manufacture of heat pumps for easy installation
  • Ian Draisey (Dulas, Powys, Wales), Diverse renewable energy services from employee-owned business
  • Questions
  • Trewin Restorick (Global Action Plan, London), Bringing energy efficiency to the workplace and beyond
  • Liz Marquis and Michael Carr (Energy Agency, Ayrshire, Scotland), Using a community wind fund to improve energy efficiency of homes
  • Questions

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