Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Additional photos from TIDE

TIDE (Technology Informatics Design Endeavour), from Bangalore, India, was the Ashden Awards Energy Champion in 2008. Information on their Award-winning work with biomass stoves for businesses can be found on the Ashden Awards website, along with the official media photos. However, we also have some additional photos that may be of interest, so here they are:

The setting in Bangalore:
Traditional vat for dying cloth, using fuelwood for heating:
New dying vat, with improved efficiency and able to burn crop waste:
New water boiler:
Old lodge stove:
Old dhosa stove:
New dhosa stove:
Areca nut boiler:
Sun drying areca nuts:
New areca nut drier:
Areca nut husks (to be used as fuel):
Svati Bhogle answering questions about a stove heating an urn of tea:
New domestic stove:

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