Sunday, 6 July 2008

AID Foundation in the news

One of the 2007 Ashden Award winners, the AID Foundation, has had some news coverage recently:

Aladino Moraca, executive director of the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, pointed out that the best way to shape the public value of science and technology innovations is to have local communities contribute to their development.

Moraca gave their invention, the ram pumps, as an example. Ram pumps, made from local materials like door hinges, could funnel water upwards from 100-200 meters without having to use fuel.

Ram pumps have made potable water accessible to 15,000 people in 68 far-flung villages. Moraca said that the people from local communities helped in the establishment and maintenance of ram pumps.

Ram pumps, a Filipino invention, has gained laurels both locally and internationally. It won the Panibagong Paraan award last April and the Ashden award in London 2007. The Ashden award was personally handed by former US vice president and climate-change expert Al Gore.
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Read more about why they won an Ashden Award here.

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