Monday, 7 June 2010

BIOTECH installs ninth biogas waste treatment plant in South India

Update: BIOTECH Have installed their first biogas waste treatment plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. More on our news page.

Ashden award-winners BIOTECH are installing clean and efficient waste to electricity plants in India at an amazing rate. Last Friday the 21st May, a waste treatment plant was opened in Narikkuni Grama Panchayat in Kerala, India – this is their ninth installation in the past twelve months! Led by the Hon. Minister for Devaswom, Mr. Ramachandran Kadannappally, this was a proud moment for the community and, judging by the pictures, a successful and welcomed event.

BIOTECH have installed a total of fifty plants so far in the state of Kerala. In a situation of highly dense populations, the treatment of solid waste has become a matter critical to public health. In Sabarimala, a centre close by, forty million devotees visit for worship each year. The huge problem created around waste management has triggered a response in legislation and initiative - BIOTECH’s work installing plants across the state with the support of local and central authorities is a significant step in addressing the issue. The recently installed plant, for instance, can treat up to 300kg of solid matter in an ecologically sustainable way. The biogas made from this waste then generates around 5KV of electricity, more than enough to run the plant and fifty lights across the site.

Fundamental to the success of the plant is achieving the cooperation and understanding of the general public. Local authorities have worked hard to engage, rally and educate local communities around the use and benefits of the new system. The plant has even been designed to enable the waste treatment process and electricity generation to be viewed by visitors.

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everyone throws waste but there are few who thinks about use of these waste. good job biotech .