Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mayor of London follows example of Ashden Awards winner

Boris Johnson and his advisers are examining the scheme for which Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council won an Ashden Award in 2006. The scheme installed insulation, solar PV and solar thermal technology in social and private housing, and also community buildings.

The Telegraph says:

Isabel Dedring, Mr Johnson's director of environmental policy, who is a New Yorker, said she was on her way to Kirklees next week to see how the scheme worked. She hopes the first homes could be insulated in this way within a year.

The mayor is looking to Kirklees after an audit of the green schemes put in place by his predecessor showed mixed results, with relatively few people taking up the offer of a £199 survey and concierge service to identify where homes could save energy.

Ms Dedring said: "It is difficult to get people to do the audit, then even more difficult to get them to do the actions. People are lazier than you think. If it is harder than extremely easy, people will not do it."

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